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Showing posts with label Self. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Self. Show all posts
You’re not who we see you as

You’re not who we see you as

Online identities Photo by  Kyle Glenn  on  Unsplash Identity. Online we’re charismatic, charming, quick and witty. But in real life with a Donald Trump of our friends. I’m here to point out to you in multiple ways that your identity changes on different social media types, for example, you cannot be the same person on Twitter as you can on Instagram because I don’t look like my Instagram Brad Pit does, or maybe it is Brad Pit’s pictures with a great comment underneath. Whatever. The fact of the matter is You can’t be yourself on social media. Personality types on social media Alice Hall has a theory that there are three traits that people have social media.  Extraversion: sociability. Neuroticism: fearful avoidance Psychoticism: hostility and aggression On this spectrum of traits, and where you fall on, it decides what social media you enjoy more. For example, someone that enjoys sociability might take more to Facebook as there are more people to socialise there with. So what do we ge

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How the internet affects your identity

How the internet affects your identity

The internet. We mostly live in it. We wake up, check our Facebook profile or Instagram page, and as we turn over, we see our loved one doing the same. We go to work where most of us will be glued to a screen for most of the day while checking our device. Even things you didn’t know was a social media experience are now. So what do you mean the internet affect my identity? I hear you say. Well, dear reader let me explain. See your social media is fragmenting the way you imagine yourself. For example, all the cool young kids are on Instagram, so there you’ll want to be received as young and on-trend. Whereas on Facebook you have all your work colleagues and there you can’t be posting drunk selfies of yourself holding that kebab on the toilet at 5 am. It’s a hilarious picture, but you don’t feel that your boss and aunt Jean would feel the same. That is where you are splitting yourself, and this is where your consumer identity comes into play. See Facebook knows you, knows

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