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Showing posts with label Podcasts. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Podcasts. Show all posts
Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans - Podcast

Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans - Podcast

At first, I didn't like this podcast. It seemed too childish for any adult to listen to (and don’t forget adults will hear when their child are listening). Until chapter 5, this is the case. They set it at the beginning in the classroom, making fun of the teacher. It was very dull and bland. It was trying to be something it wasn’t, hilarious. After chapter 5, it all gets interesting, and you get taken through in time with voice actors. They tell you what sayings we have that the Romans also used and rank the Emperors in order of most foul behaviour. One such gent cut off the nose and ears of gladiators he met in the ring. It's not very long, about two hours it took me to listen to.

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Stephen Fry's Victorian secrets

Stephen Fry's Victorian secrets

As a Victorian history buff myself, I love these little 1 hour podcasts. From secrets of the freak shows to murder most foul, this podcast will have something that you didn't know before about your own history. Although after his game show QI, Stephen Fry is not my most trusted of historians. This podcast is mostly snippets from others reading or being interviewed about their specialised subjects. A podcast I thought I would hate I quite enjoyed.   It breaks the very idea that ordinary Victorians that they were all about hard work and 'none to do' with people. Some extracts from the Victorian's are so funny that you'll be on the floor laughing and some will make you red with embarrassment. For example, the fact that two twins got married, or that there is a library of the most significant Victorian porn down the road from you. Want to find out where? Or who? Well, you'll just have to listen for yourself.   If it wasn't for the poverty of the time

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