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101 of Psychosis

101 of Psychosis

Photo by  Elijah O'Donnell  on  Unsplash So just had another episode, or this may be your first. It's time to take a step back, the first thing you need to know don't dwell on the past. Yeah, you painted the walls with mayonnaise and you walked into the Olive Garden thinking you're famous or maybe you had a horrible time and everything that you stood for got shaken into another world. After all, you weren’t in reality. Here is a bit of history for you, back in the Victorian times, Psychiatrist were called alienist because they thought mental illness had alienated you from yourself. In the spirit of keeping things historical, Your Psychosis wasn't you, it was your alien. You didn't do that your alien did that. You have to come to terms with the fact that you cannot change being mentally ill. The disorder exists within you. It has done and it will always be there in some way or another. Psychosis isn't a personality disorder, You can't have therapy for thi

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Wish I never made

Wish I never made

Dear Diary, I am so upset in my life. It’s only been a year since I made this deal and yet everything I’ve dreamt of has made me so upset. I dreamed of beauty, and they stowed it upon me; I dreamed of love and to be cherished, again this was given to me. I wished for a fantastic career, and yet again they found my job to be as exciting as a baby discovering the unknown world that they’ve been born into. I do not want to seem ungrateful Diary but please take back these gifts you’ve given me. The beauty that I appeared so to desire, people no longer see my personality; they are just taken with my looks. The loved one that you bestowed upon me is scaring me. He loves me Solely for my looks; he does whatever I say; however; I wanted someone to talk to, keep me company, explain things to me and understand me; he doesn’t. Instead, he bends the knee and agrees with all that I say, even the most stupid of things. I wanted an intellectual conversation to stimulate my mind. Instead, I got nothin

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