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Collateral beauty

Our life is so precious.
Yet every second of every day seems to be taken for granted?
The world is at a standstill when it comes to knowing what’s coming next.
Does no one know what is going on?
The PEOPLE of this planet are protesting against something our world leaders are refusing to take more action on.
Climate change
Trading of weapons
Poverty and the minimum wage
Do you get the picture?

The time we spend on earth is tiny compared to the size of our universe and still, we spend it wasting away because of some suits and ties acting as if they know what’s best for this planet?
Everything is economic growth.
Money, trading, wars and poverty for some.
Some get lucky enough to have a home and have the cash to afford a lavish lifestyle.
whereas some sleep in slums lost without mums or dads.
This isn’t some charity ad.
Though I wish I could help more.
This is a message.
Your life means so much.
The world you inherit means so much.

Just imagine the things we could achieve given a good leadership-driven toward peace and prosperity.
Instead of tyrants who lie to the monarch for the simple fact, he couldn’t handle his job.

Politics has always baffled me as I’m sure it confuses a lot of the younger generations. Our future is in “the mans” hands and, we’ve no say?
Look at human history.
We’ve powered in unity.
But unsurprisingly no one does anything?

Every other day I’m hearing about a stabbing in and around my area.
Are kids not able to go home to a warm bed, instead they lay dead?
And everyone continues on with life as if it means nothing?
A son isn’t coming home tonight.
His mother will probably lose sleep for weeks.
Someone’s in the hospital fighting for this very thing we should fight for, our lives.
We’ve always been told the future is what you make it.
What’ve we made it?
Besides for personal gain, people don’t seem to care a lot about anything else as long as they are happy right?

I guess the point I’d like to make is that everything you do is important even if it’s a mistake in life, it’s still important because it’s yours.
The person next to you is important too, they’ve felt the unbelievable pain just like you.
So say hello and just appreciate everything a little more
Fight climate change.


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