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Borderline and Me

I'm here to talk about the big M.
The one thing that everyone has in common yet divides us - Mental health! 

Along my journey of life, I’ve experienced lots of traumas and a lot of pain at the hands
of other
people who had similar tendencies to what I have nowadays. 
Being defensive over little things and getting angry when it feels as if someone is trying
to be above you.

My condition is called Borderline Personality Disorder also known as EUPD 
Emotionally unstable personality disorder 
Whichever one you prefer both are still very painful to handle.
My illness takes many forms.
Neglecting positive friendships, because do I really deserve them? 
Manipulating people into staying in my life even if they do not plan on leaving
because they were going to leave anyway right? 
Getting paranoid about everybody I see now this one is the hardest.
Dealing with EUPD is a daily struggle alongside the struggles of our times nowadays
I am very
shocked I am still around to be writing this. 
I guess there is one positive I can take from handling EUPD on a daily basis,
is knowing the
importance of life, being suicidal most of my teenage and adult life I’ve been
echoing away from
death forgetting this life is the only thing I have. 
Put aside all of those materialistic things your heartbeat should mean the most to you. 

We live in a society so fixated on money and power everything the younger generation
is seeing is “you need this” or “you need that” that makes fitting in such a challenge
for people who
struggle with their own identity especially when that person has a mental health difficulty. 

So many more teens need inpatient care in mental health hospitals all over
the UK and for what? 

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