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Borderlands 3

"Borderlands 3!" yell that in a crowd and you may get trapped in a frenzy of excited gamers. There is a good reason too. 2K has always blessed the gaming community with Borderlands, and I say blessed because the games are immensely popular. If you haven't heard of them, then let me give you the lowdown.

We had Borderlands one where you had to travel a distant planet - Pandora, to hunt down an alien vault.

Then you had borderlands 2 which you had to travel a distant planet - Pandora, to hunt down an alien vault. 

And now you have the third one, where you have to travel Pandora and hunt down an alien vault. Sound good? Good, then let's continue. 

The game brings the same old game mechanics that you loved from the borderlands series, but this time there feels more need to hide behind objects then just walking up to an enemy and shotgunning them in the face (good old times they were), which is good! It's a shooter game, so that was always expected.

2K has still kept their humour and the game even when in situations that are nowhere close to real life, it still makes you laugh out loud. Which is one thing I know I'll miss when I'm finished playing, and the new characters just add to that fun. The new heroes of the story are Amara, FL4K, Zane Flynt and Moze. They (like all borderlands) have their own backgrounds and their own skill trees.

And you have the non-playable, the Antagonists. No longer will you be battling it out against handsome jack (sorry girls). The new ones are Tyreen and Troy, the Calypso Twins.

There are so many makes of the game that I will only put three below.

Buy here
Buy here
Buy here

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